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Our leaders


Enivanis Vilela Jr 


Niva, an INFLOR founding partner, is fascinated by the future and is always looking for solutions for complex problems. He takes this concern to the company’s management, seeing patterns and opportunities where many people see complexity.
Under his leadership, INFLOR has become a benchmark in forest management solutions. He stimulates team development, aligning it to the company’s strategic vision, i.e., to become a world leader in agribusiness solutions.
When he was still young, he had already shown distinctive abilities, standing out in math competitions and by his early admission for the main universities in Brazil – topping the first positions.
He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, has a vast knowledge in IT and practical experience in leading companies in Brazil and abroad. His international experience and wide network of relationships contribute for a keen vision about how technology can optimize agribusiness management.
In his free time, Niva likes to catch up on German technology; he has a particular interest in cars and engines. He also enjoys having his friends for dinner at home and staying with his family.

Adriano D’el-Rey 

Business Development, VP

Besides acting as vice president in Planning and Innovation, Adriano is responsible for the formulation and execution of long-term business strategies. A founding partner of INFLOR, before taking up his current position, he worked as commercial director, leading an effort to reposition the INFLOR brand.
He has played a crucial role in the continuous development of relationships with partners and clients and in the implementation of a global operation model. His main mission is to transform strategy in feasible plans, helping to define the best way for the company to deliver according to what has been agreed with the clients.
He has a great ability for scenario analysis, keeping the focus on management and innovation and seeking new and better ways to execute the tasks at hand. Adriano holds a degree in Information Technology, a MBA from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and a graduate course in Multimedia Systems and Internet from the Federal University of Espírito Santo.
His passion for planning is matched only by his love for cycling, an activity he practices regularly in the small town in the State of Espírito Santo where he lives with his family.


Jayme M. Sampaio 

Forestry Solutions, Director

Having a deep knowledge of the forestry business chain, Jayme has a broad command of the management tools INFLOR makes available to the market. His experience, knowledge and people skills, both with internal teams and with clients, have a major impact on reinforcing the credibility of the company in the market.
He has more than 25 years of experience in development and implementation of systems in leading companies in Brazil and abroad. His expertise allows him to accurately point out which are the best ways to reach the solution desired by the client.
A founding partner of INFLOR, he holds a degree in Computer Science and a MBA in Company Management and Forest Management. He is also skilled at forming new professionals, passing on his knowledge and sharing his expertise so that INFLOR keeps being a benchmark in the sector.
When he is not working, Jayme likes to enjoy his family, to travel and do manual work.

Emerson Pacheco Jr

Integration and Solution Management, Director

Emerson is a founding partner of INFLOR and has a keen technical vision of the Information Technology field. He offers practical assessments for the company to develop the best solutions. He is fond of building good systems, and is concerned about the infrastructure behind every solution: from the plug to the Internet connection.
His work was crucial for bringing the INFLOR Forest Management System to the SAP environment, creating one of our main products, INFLOR Forest, on the SAP platform. With this system, the company was able to include forest management in the SAP world, offering a product in tune with state-of-the-art technology.
A systems analyst, Emerson takes part in all projects involving a high degree of complexity, sharing his experience with younger professionals. The combination of experience and youth contributes to keeping high levels of stamina needed for the good performance of the company’s teams.


Rafaela Spinassé 

Enterprise Solutions, Director

A specialist in problem solving. That is how we could define Rafaela Spinassé, who has helped INFLOR develop and has been part of the INFLOR team virtually since its inception and is our current Chief Operating Officer. At first, she was a service provider, but she gradually gained more space and was hired to coordinate the area of Maintenance and Aftermarket, climbing positions until she reached her current position as Chief Operating Officer.
Rafaela is responsible for taking care of the interface between the service teams and the clients, besides providing the infrastructure and human resources necessary to ensure that the company delivers solutions demanded by the market. Possessing strong conflict management skills, Rafaela has a keen sense of urgency in seeking solutions adequate to each situation.
She holds a degree in Computer Science from Faesa and a MBA in Project Management and Strategic Service Management, both from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).
When she is not at work, she likes to read and walk at the beach. Movies and travelling are also among her favorite activities, but she spends virtually all her leisure time with her young son.

Carlos Albuquerque 

Innovation and Market Relationship, Director

One of Carlos’s skills is the ability to see opportunities and make a quick assessment of the environment, attentive to the identification of new sectors in which the company can act. He is motivated by the push for innovation and the challenge of finding solutions that simplify processes and add value to the customer.
Carlos is the link between the market’s latent demand and the way INFLOR prepares to meet them. The participation in almost all the international projects of INFLOR gives him expertise to guide the development of solutions according to the market’s expectations and needs.
Always putting himself in the client’s perspective, he works to develop sustainable and long-term relationships.
He holds a degree in Computer Science and a MBA in Project Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).
His leisure moments are mainly devoted to his children, but he also has hobbies such as motor racing and sports (running and volleyball). Music is another activity in his spare time, particularly the piano.


Geovany Spalenza 

Business Support, Director

Making real what was abstract is one of Geovany Spalenza’s skills. Having started in the company as a trainee in 2003, he went through practically all areas at INFLOR. He is proud of his deep knowledge about the products, processes and customers of the company. He defines himself as a process person, who is responsible for operating and planning deliveries according to the client’s needs and expectations.
He was responsible for the creation of INFLOR’s project management methodology based on the PMI (Project Management Institute), which played a fundamental role in the stabilization of the company’s deliveries. Among several deliveries, Geovany was responsible for one of INFLOR’s largest projects, which was the creation of the Forest Management System (SGF) on the SAP platform, initially developed for the Cenibra company. Currently, it is up to Geovany to take care of the evolution and administration of all INFLOR products.
He holds a degree in Computer Science (Faesa) and a MBA in Project Management (UVV), but he does not deal only with IT. In his leisure time, he likes to stay with his family and has an eclectic taste for sports, from football through basketball to tennis. In sports, Geovany enjoys dealing with various situations and people with different backgrounds, which helps him face the daily challenges at work.

Antônio Tatagiba 

International Services and Products, Director

Antônio Tatagiba knows the INFLOR internal processes well. Prior to taking up his position as International Director, he was a Project Manager, which helped strengthen customer relationships.
He has a deep knowledge of INFLOR’s forest solutions, having been part in big international projects in China, Argentina and Portugal. His experience in the management of medium and large projects gives him the expertise to coordinate the company’s internationalization.
Ease of communication, either with the INFLOR team or with the clients, is also part of his skills. He likes technological innovations and, in search for the best solution, is always researching and proposing new ideas.
He holds a degree in Information Systems (Faesa) and a MBA in Company Management from FGV. In his spare time, he has a hobby that combines excitement and adrenaline: he flies single-engine aircraft, but also enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.
While flying, Antonio can exercise skills that contribute to his daily routine at the company, such as processes standardization, risk anticipation, concentration, and self-control in adverse situations.


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