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INFLOR has a team composed by multidisciplinary and specialized professionals in different areas. They are young and creative professionals with certifications in technologies like Java (Sun), Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Android, IOS and methodologies for project management.

As INFLOR have the goal promote the professional growth of their employees, the company constantly invents in specialization of the team. Therefore, INFLOR subsidizes post-graduation courses and MBAs for most of the employees, and encourages them to participate in congresses, fairs and events related to the area.

Through INFLOR Academy, the employees participates of qualification courses and specializations offered by the INFLOR Training Center. These trainings are designed to extend and disseminate technical and functional knowledge. The qualification ensures improvements in services development, also in offered products by the company.

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More than 12 million hectares managed by INFOR solutions. Come join us!